Manejo de fungicidas para evitar problemas de resistencia en hongos biotrofos y necrotrofos en cultivos hortícolas de interés en España

Código: RyC-2016-20776
Duración: 1/2/2018 - 31/1/2023
Entidad Financiadora: Programa Ramón y Cajal. Ministerio de Economía, Industria, y Competitiva
Presupuesto: 308.600€
Investigador/es principal/es:
Diseases are a major source of crop and plant damage that can be caused by a number of plant pathogenic organisms, being fungi the number one cause of crop loss worldwide. Fungicide treatments are, and will remain, essential for maintaining healthy crops and high-quality yields. They are a key component of integrated crop management; however, their continuous use has caused in many fungal pathogens the appearance of resistant isolates soon after their introduction in the market. Monitoring for fungicide resistance is vital to determine whether resistance management strategies are working. This research project is going to provide not only relevant information on occurrence, distribution and molecular mechanisms of resistance but also a significant practical application for a better management of important fungal diseases on key horticultural crops.