microSOS: Plants crying for microbial help in a changing world

Código: 101130685
Duración: 1/1/2024 - 1/1/2028
Entidad Financiadora: HORIZON-MSCA-2022-SE-01
Presupuesto: 1600800
Participantes: José Antonio Gutiérrez Barranquero
Noé Fernández Pozo
AIT – Thailand (Simon
AUA – Greece (Ioannis Stringlis)
UNITUS – Italy (Silvia Proietti)
ULEI – The Netherlands (Salma Balazadeh)
NIOO-KNAW – The Netherlands (Jos Raaijmakers )
The Weather Makers – The Netherlands (Pieter van Hout)
AkiNao – France (Cédric Bertrand and Christian Espinoza)
De Sangosse – France (Thomas Rey)
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MicroSOS project aims to enable exchange and mobility between academic and non-academic partners from the agricultural and environmental sectors. All the participants in MicroSOS have a connection to soils and agriculture, which are under stress due to Climate Change impacts while being drivers of Climate Change as well due to the dynamics of the plant microbiome and its relationship to nutrient cycling and GHG emissions. Unlocking the power of the microbiome in agriculture will drive novel approaches for better management and improvements in the sector, making a true connection between fundamental research and applicable developments with societal relevance.