A precise and versatile nanotechnology with seed bio-stimulant microbial molecules to potentiate crop growth and immunization

Código: NanoCroptective
Duración: 1/3/2023 - 30/11/2024
Entidad Financiadora: European Research Council
Presupuesto: 150000
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Seed germination is the first step of a sequence of events that promote the transit of seeds from dormancy to vegetative growth. Therefore, it is a tightly regulated program that ensures further plant growth and survival in a supportive environment. The emergency provoked by continuous deterioration of the environment due to non-respectful crop management strategies and potentiated with climate change has increased the focus on this primordial stage of the plant growth as a primary target of strategies that help mitigating unsustainable issues. Beneficial microbes live in association with all plants, and we know how to take advantage of this benefit for the wealth of adult plants; however, little is known on their contribution to seed resilience and adaptation to a changing environment. This lack of knowledge may lead to unfeasible and weak bio-stimulant results undermining their credibility and entry into the market. Supported by findings of our deep investigation on the mutualistic interaction microbe-seed, we propose a proof of concept for a precise and customizable strategy based on the use of fengycin, a molecule produced by Bacillus cells in the interaction with seeds, and a fine-tuned nanotechnology platform to improve and increase the mobilization of nutrients of oil bodies containing seeds. Altogether our methodology should serve to improve the credibility of biological solutions as potent bio-stimulant of seed growth and thus potentiate their inclusion in sustainable programs of crop production and protection.