Increasing nutritional value (bio-stimulated) of selected performant tomato varieties to be cultivated in areas with temperate climate

Código: H2020-EIT18016
Duración: 1/1/2018 - 31/3/2019
Entidad Financiadora: European Commission EIT-Food
Presupuesto: 73125
Investigador/es principal/es:
In temperate climate,the average yield/ha of tomato is significantly lower than international standards. The major objectives are to look for, evaluate and to select processing tomato cultivars best adapted to RIS northern countries. Multiple trials will be developed to study physiological and agronomical performance under a wide range of growing conditions, with an improved eco-footprint. To increase the nutritional value of processed tomato, new biostimulants which increase mineral bioavailability for humans, will be developed. Economic, social and environmental benefits: - Increase of competitiveness of tomato markets in EIT RIS (more efficient cultivars and cultivation methods) - Improved eco-footprint (lower use of pesticides, fertilizers, limited transport) - Higher nutritional value of tomatoes as a raw material for processing foods (increased bioavailability) Project is synergistic with the aims of KIC Climate area: “Climate-Smart Agriculture and Sustainable Food Chains”